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So I'll pass this on to:

Nadia: kwn yg kenal dlm tenet n jumpa skali je.. sonok ngn dia coz memahami. Mcm leh share ngn dia.. rindu dia r..

Atie: Sme gak knal lam tenet n tak pnh jmpe, tp mcm2 leh share.. ade je isu sms dibncgkn.. ekhekhekhe coz salu chatt YM..

Zaa: Kwn yg dikenalkan oleh seorg kwn.. mengenalinya menyeronokkn, still study n cute orgnye..

Adyza: kwn mse kat college dolu.. walaupon len cos tapi pnah gak borak.. heheheheheh

alamak tak cukop plak 7 org.. sape lg erk??