Current Mood : S.A.D

i am OnLy mE, ThaT iS aLL ThaT i cAn Be
no MorE nO LeSS, dOn'T sEcoNdE GuEss
I LovE, I LAuGh, i LivE & I cRy
i HaVe WiSheD aT tImEs, tHaT i CoULd diE

sOmEdaY i'm fUnnY, oThErS i'm NoT
sOmEtimE i'm iN oVeRdRiVe aNd cAn'T sToP
i Am a LoyAl AnD HoNeSt fRiEnd
yOu kNoW tHaT i'LL bE tHerE uNtiL tHe EnD

i aM rOmAntIc, sEnsUaL anD pAssIonaTe tOo
tO tHe LovE oF mY LifE, i'LL sHaRE tHiS wiTh yOu
i cAn bE sWeEt AnD sHy oR sAssY aNd BoLd
i'm QuiTe a HanDfuL, oR sO i'vE bEen TOlD

i am nOt pErfEcT, i Do HaVe mY fAuLts
LikE wHeN i GeT sCaReD i PuT Up hiGh WaLLs
oR i'M nOt aS fOrgivinG, aS i'd SoMetImEs LikE tO bE
bEcAuSe WhEn i hUrT, i hUrT dEepLy

mY LogiCs iS aLL mY oWn
beCaUsE i dOn'T aLwaYs dO tHinGs fOr mY oWn gOoD
i hAvE mAnY fActS, likE a DiamOnD u See
i Am oNLy mE...!!!


  1. napa nie? xnk sedey2 ok..b +ve..smilee?? =)

  2. fyZa:

    i xsuke perasaan nie dtg... nape semudah itu ucap syg semudah itu lafazkan perpisahan mencinye :b:


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