why always tell me everything will be fine ,there is the light waiting for me in the end and i just need to wait!!
i must wait until when?? MySpace
it is just lie!!i am tired with my life,why people around me always be happy and just me not feel like that, i lie when i am happy because i never feel like that,in real world i am not good in make friends so noone want be with me,so i just find friend from virtual world and it's suck! MySpace
i did i ever have a boyfriend??how can i could have boyfriend even noone want be with me ???hahha..
and of course that is suck too,i can't tell how i feel to other people so they always think that i am ok and happy.
everyday will be same day,wake up,go work and back to my boarding house,stay there alone and sit front of my pc ,have nothing to do and think why my life like this?
everyday always think about die,i hope i could die soon,even i am here, but many people think that i am not,what point of living?
many shit happen in my life and tired to wait if everything will be ok,i have been waiting for long time and until when i must wait that!!!!
Miss him a lot.. but i noe his not for me.. His said love but his LIAR...
really down...
Wen i hurt, i hurt deeply...


  1. sis...sedeynya baca entry neh...ila pnh gak teruji gne....mmg perit la..allah ja tahu...lau nak tido pun ila makan ubat batok tau...tp skrg lawan jgk semua neh...xpa...cuba gk..kita bunag dia jauh2 eh..ila dah buang dia jauh2...nber2 fon dia pn dah delete dlm list 8pax...n wat benci dia sgt2..huuh

  2. ILA:
    2day nora remove dia dr FB.. xbley r bce status dia kt FB.. sakit hati sgt2...
    kejam sgt2 dia.. tib2 je wt kptsn mcm tu sedangkan 2 hr b4 tu nora celebratekan besday dia.. sakitnye... :b:

  3. :f: bwk2 byk bersabo dlm dugaan ni.....

  4. :m:
    atie ye lah... mohon sgt2 nie moga Allah tingkatkan ksabaran dlm diri nie :b:

  5. ngeee.. tajuk ja dah menggigil bace..
    gulink2 jar sni skodeng :)

  6. think about this.. there's a lot more ppl out there having this much more worse life than you..
    so appreciate ur life and think positive about all things. life will be getting better afterward.. ;)

    http://mestarstruck.blogspot.com, Latest Entry : Smart Shopping!!!

  7. ohhh..lagi sedey gtu...napa dia wat cmtu??ada org lain ke?tah la..mmg perit la...sush kita nak lupa...tp nak wat cmna kn sis...;-(

  8. slam...
    sabo aje lah ade lah blasan tuh...
    hidup mesty trus babe...

    nangis air mate darah pun macam takde...
    sabar k...

    (Zechs masih macam tak caye je hal nih berlaku)

  9. to all my fren...
    ape yg jd mmg mcm ciiiii je... ape2 pon finish already...
    dia xpernah jujur


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