How are you dolls? Hope that you fine there. Today, I would like to share about new lipstick brands! Earlier this week I was so blessed to wanna try new lipstick brands from Fame Cosmetics! They are a Malaysian based brand of matte lip cream and they were such a doll with the different colors. Have you heard about this FAME Cosmetics brand? Yeah, FAME a new lipstick brands. It is a local cosmetics line which growing quite popular lately. Their most famous products are their liquid lipsticks,
Keep it guys!

Well, as you aware today, liquid lipsticks are so on. Liquid lipstick here, liquid lipstick there! Every brand would like to produce their own version of liquid lipstick, be it international brand or local brand. Actually I'm quite proud because our local products are equally on track with international and well-known brand.
I hope this post will be very helpful to those who are interested in getting Fame Cosmetics New Lipstick Brands In Malaysia!

First, let’s talk about the packaging. Packaging is so simple and sleek looking I love how it looks and holding it too. From my first impression,I like their simple packaging.The doe foot applicator is the perfect size to apply the liquid lipstick on my lips.Also,the liquid lipsticks smells like strawberries and cream lollipop!

The first time I put it on I kept thinking to myself is this really going to turn out matte because it was so creamy when applying, unlike my Maybelline liquid matte lipstick.
This is definitely an advantage for me, I get to take my time to apply it without worrying it would dry and also the fact that I could top on my second layer was magic for a matte liquid lipstick as other brands it would be so drying on the lips.

Fame Cosmetics offers 9 colors soft matte lip cream and a selection of beautiful. Fame Cosmetics New Lipstick Brands In Malaysia has nine sets in one box with different colors. My favorite shade are in the order I like most is the Nude, Gossip, Fuchsia. If all you want to know, apart from the three colors of lipstick Cosmetics Fame I'm interested in, there are six colors of Desire, Candy, Rusty, Violet, Party and Wild colors.
They offer a variety of colors and it’s super affordable rather than the other local brands of matte lip cream out there. RM29.00 each only!

But, Fame Cosmetics New Lipstick Brands In Malaysia also have con’s from another matte lipsticks brands.

Once I'm done applying I waited for a few minutes or so while I'm checking my phone and it finally dried. It dried longer than other brands but you could do so much in a few minutes to wait for it to dry so it doesn't really matter.

Kind of smell like the liquid medicine but it's not an issue for me. And my least favorite shade because of my skin tone (tan) is called candy but I'm sure if you're confident (unlike me hahaha) you could totally pull it off.

Alright, this all for now. Any suggestions, ideas and comments are welcome.
So if you want to purchase these awesome liquid lipsticks and support our local products,click on the link below!
Where to get them:
Facebook: Fame Cosmetics HQ