Your bedroom is perhaps the one room in your life that makes the most impact in your life. It has the ability to affect your health, wealth and success. Why, you may ask? The fact is, it’s one of the spaces in your home where we spend the most time: more than one-third of your day (and your whole life) to be exact!

Everyone needs a space to call their own. Thus, your bedroom should be a haven of serenity and tranquility; a place for you to relax and forget about the stress of daily life. You can see why it is important that this personal space of your own should be well-thought-out. Don’t worry, decorating your bedroom is not rocket science. It doesn’t matter if the size of your bedroom is on the small side (like in a hdb in yishun) or on the larger side, the design principles all remain the same.

Read on for a range of bedroom design styles that is sure to inspire your next big remodel.

1. Eclectic
An eclectic bedroom is a blend of styles. It is the use of different varieties of color, pattern and texture, incorporated through different furniture pieces, that bring forth a multi-facetedoutlook when combined together. However, although a lot of people proclaim their own décor style to be “eclectic”, in reality, many are just haphazhard spaces with mismatched pieces and no cohesiveness. There is a fine line between eclectic and just plain messy. There needs to be an underlying common thread that ties your space together.

2. Cottage
The cottage style evokes a dream of rural living. The key to successful cottage décor is by selecting pieces that evoke a casual and inviting environment. Think about farmhouses and country cottages. Pieces that are made from natural materials such as wood are good things to start with. Think about no fuss no frills furniture pieces, like a nice solid oak bedframe. Another easy way to quickly add a cottage feel to your space is by repurposing items.

3. Mediterranean
Mediterraneanstyle integrates the influence of Spain, France and Greece culture, added with a subtle Moroccan influence. Key features such as texture and bold color are integral to achieving this one-of-a-kind look. Think about carved and intricate headboard designs in pops of bold color. Think about whimsical Moroccan chandeliers or Turkish mosaic table lamps.

4. Romantic
Everyone’s idea of romance varies. However, with a romantic bedroom, soft hues and delicate fabrics are universal. Furniture pieces are typically light and bright with ornate detailing. The combination of these features brings forth a slightly feminine touch. Consider light and white draperies or even a canopy over your bed to up the glam and luxe factor while still retaining the whimsical feel of romance.

5. Contemporary
Contemporary style can be a bit misleading and is constantlychanging to reflect the popular styles of present day design. In other words, contemporary would mean anything that is in trend in the current era. Right now, that means sleek furniture, solid colors and chic accessories. It can borrow qualities from modernism, minimalism and other styles without hyper-focusing on just any one style in particular.

6. Asian
An Asian-inspired space evokes the calm and serene feel of Zen. Pieces with eastern influences, such as nature-inspired furniture, usually come in warm and earthy tones. Consider accenting your space with typically-asian pieces such as Japanese shoji screens, lacquered furniture and chinoiserie-inspired textiles. If you’re a bit more daring, you can combine these with more western furniture to create an east-meets-west style that is sure to offer you the best of both worlds.

7. Coastal
Evoke the feeling of the sea via a coastal bedroom style. Key ideas include muted, blue- or green-toned hues and light fabrics. Nautical elements, such as shells and stripes, are fully embraced in modern coastal design. Consider pieces such as a bamboo ceiling fan to add more ocean-inspired accents to your whole look.

8. Modern
Modern design, more specifically referring to the period between the early to mid-twentieth century, embraces crisp lines, warm neutrals and balance. Streamlined furniture with geometric shapes are the focal points of this instantly distinguishable aesthetic. Think about metal finishes that are sleek and fuss-free. It is pertinent to keep furnishings to a minimum, leaving the color palette neutral and allowing the barebones of your space and décor to truly enhance the modern-feel of your bedroom.

9. Old world
Old world charm never goes out of style. Although it is little known and not very popular, it can add a luxurious and regal vibe to your space. It is the essence of warm and inviting on a much grander scale. Imagine the look and ambience of an old European estate or manor. Consider furniture pieces with European influence. For example, you can add French-inspired furniture (well… it doesn’t have to be antique Louis XIX), such as a neoclassical-influence arm chair, to up the ambience. Think about wrought-iron details and beautiful woven textiles.

10. Traditional
Traditional design style is comforting, classic and never goes out of style. It can be a combination of comfortable yet ornate furniture, classic design with architectural elements and a balance between casual and formal. This is one style that is not only versatile, but classic and elegant. 


  1. Bab bilik tidur memang menjadi kepentingan pada akak...sebabnya bila dah penat bekerja..balik nak rehat..kalau bilik tidur decorasi x menenangkan boleh tambah stress kan...

  2. nak deco ala vintage tapi belum sure lagi nak letak apa

  3. cantiknya.. memang betul mcm kak SA cakap.. dah penat2 nak juga memanjakan diri di bilik sendiri

  4. Banyak style yg menarik tp kena tgk keadaan dan saiz rumah juga kan.

  5. bestnya dpt deco rumah cantik2 nak nak bilik tidur rasa relex je

  6. Semua nampak cantik dan kemas jer


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